Millions of people pass through airports every year, and building codes require airports to have drinking fountains.  These monster venues are PRIME locations for fountain advertising; the ad locations (by the restrooms) have high, continuous foot traffic.  FountAds targets the traveler with dynamic, brand-driven advertising.  We know how to target the traveler and drive the message at airport locations.  As an example, QR CODES in the media offers the ability and convenience for any given user or passerby to scan the code and link to a vendor promotion.


Men and women go to the gym because they care about their health. Whether seasoned athletes or recreational gym-goers, 70% of all members use the drinking fountains at these facilities; nearly 100% of them will walk by a drinking fountain.  For those who use the fountain, they will spend (on average) 3-10 seconds either drinking or filling up their water bottle, giving the advertisement their undivided attention.  Whether it is a fitness clothing company, athletic shoe company, or nutrition company, FountAds delivers a direct marketing solution at these locations.


There are over 18,000 seats at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, 56,000 at Dodgers Stadium, and over 71,000 at the Chargers Stadium in San Diego, and that’s just to name a few in Southern California.  There are literally thousands of fountains at stadiums and arenas across the nation.  FountAds works with these venues and their vendors to deliver a new type of advertising and appeal to the sports fan demographic.


Hospitals and Health Care facilities, as a part of construction mandates, have drinking fountains on every floor. This presents another great opportunity for FountAds to reach another targeted audience.  Depending on the healthcare venue, advertisements for insurance, prescriptions, or other health-related companies and brands do quite well.


Our basin models are the most popular at these locations, because of the minimal exterior graphics.  Basin advertising utilizes the most prized real estate on any drinking fountain.  Our corporate locations can be branded with insurance, health, entertainment industry wraps , and many more.


Concession sales continue to bring in BIG MONEY for theaters.  In fact, most of these venues make more money in concessions than they do on actual ticket sales.   DRIVE CONCESSIONS with in-theater promotions, QR Codes, or install an upcoming feature film poster.


According to a recent Plumbing Code for corporate shopping mall structures, drinking fountains are required by mandate to be installed within immediate proximity of a food service station. All shopping malls have drinking fountains, and while these venues appeal to a wide-range of demographics, they continue to offer an amazing opportunity to deliver brand messages to users and passerby.  From a Johnson and Johnson brand to a fast food company, FountAds offers a golden opportunity at these large-scale and diverse venues that are frequented by millions annually.


From the Ritz Carlton to Best Western, hotels also target specific demographics.  Our basin wraps are most popular at these locations, offering “covert” advertising, until the drinking fountain is being used.  Our basin wraps maintain a clean exterior*, which is in-line with many top tier hotel mandates.

* Varies with fountain model

SCHOOLS / UNIVERSITY (Athletic Depts.)

Over the past number of years, Colleges and Universities* have been slowly moving away from selling plastic water bottles, and upgrading existing fountains to newer ‘water stations’ throughout campus (www).  For-profit departments, such as the Athletic Department, offers an incredible opportunity to target the sport-driven college student.  FountAds works hard to deliver brand-relevant advertising to these young, impressionable demographics.

* Not all schools allow corporate branding on campus. Please contact us for more information.


Simple, easy, and again, targeted demographics.  Every Theme Park, Zoo, Amusement Park or alike is required to have several water fountains, which are used by millions of park-goers every year.  FountAds brings brand-relevant media that appeals to both the young and older age groups at these locations.

Theme parks are known for their high cost for bottled water and other beverages, which drives the park-goer to the drinking fountain.

Have a venue not listed above?  Contact us and we’d be happy to work with you.