Innovative Advertising Service Company FountAds Announces Launch

Offering a New and Dynamic Way to Bring Consumers Advertising Messages

Finding new ways to bring advertising messages to consumers can be challenging to say the least. FountAds is a new media service company that recently launched a way to reach potential customers that has proven to be extremely effective.


It’s not unusual for corporate marketing teams and brand strategists to conceptualize new and creative ways to promote their products to make an impact in the marketplace. A recent announcement from the breakthrough media service company FountAds is now offering a brand new opportunity in this space. FountAds, a division of the award-winning Veritas Multimedia Company, recently announced a cutting-edge advertising technology for drinking fountains — leveraging a ‘prime eyes-on real estate’ to target demographics. Companies have responded with enthusiasm, and just last month the company signed with a major national gym chain for the new FountAds media.

“Drinking fountains are mandated by law for most commercial venues, and at airports, shopping malls, and fitness centers, just to name a few, these systems are located in areas with the highest amount of foot traffic…” commented a spokesperson from FountAds. “This is a no-brainer and incredible opportunity that should not be passed up — a true direct market solution. Think about it…” the owner of the company said.  “Take bus stop media.  They run all types of ads, hoping to appeal to a even small percentage of their demographics, where as if you are a sports drink brand, FountAds will put you in a gym (targeted users) for a much higher ROI.  Or run a destination campaign at an airport venue; it’s a concentrated, direct marketing solution, even if they don’t drink from the fountain.”

According to the company, the ability to deliver creative media to a targeted demographic on drinking fountains, presents an impressive return on investment, in most cases.  The novelty alone is enough to get fresh eyes on the advertisers campaigns, and the company is very much looking forward to discussing the benefits of leveraging this eyes-on ad real estate with any interested venues and vendors. “The beauty of our model, is that it doesn’t cost our locations a dime — it offers a new stream of revenue, and a progressive opportunity for any advertiser.”

The IntelWraps company (dba FountAds) is also happy to report that a portion of the their contracted proceeds will be donated to clean water initiatives worldwide through Fight For Africa (FFA) non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations. This makes working with FountAds a win/win in more ways than one.

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