What are FountAds?

FountAds are a new ad technology that leverages drinking fountains as prime and untapped advertising real estate at commercial venues.  FountAds has designed and developed IntelWrap templates for virtually every model on the market today, delivering cutting edge vinyl ad wraps for these fountains.

How does it work?

FountAd Agency is a media brokerage firm that specializes in drinking fountain creative.  The company operates as an ad agency, delivering the new FountAds media to venues across the nation.

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What is the difference between a partial, full, or basin wrap?

A PARTIAL WRAP covers up to 60% of the fountain; A FULL WRAP covers the entire cooler (see our models), and a BASIN WRAP is simply the “water area” of the water fountain.  Depending on our Client’s budget, we can wrap virtually any percentage of the fountain.

What's the process?

Our process consists of  three main stages:  design (campaign development), production (printing), and installation (wrapping).  Depending on the arrangement we have with our Client, we will either help facilitate the designing phases, or provide an IntelWrap template for the fountain model.  After the template is submitted and approved, FountAds moves the file to our printing partner and then our installation team.  On average it takes one to two weeks for printing and installation at any given venue.  Of course the amount of units is also a consideration for turn-around.

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Can you explain the design stage?

Designing the IntelWrap is the most critical and technological part of the process. Our FountAds are designed thinking three-dimensional, taking into account the model of the fountain for text placement, call to actions, and exposure††. For those of our Clients who do not work directly with ad agencies, or wish to work with us directly through the design phase, we offer Creative services to help develop the IntelWrap template for your fountain(s).

What file type do you need?

Tiff and Illustrator EPS files are best for printing and Illustrator AI files are best for computerized vinyl cutting. 720 Resolution or higher at a 1/10th scale.

Do we design, or do you?

Either option is available. FountAds offers design services for a service fee (contact us for more information on service fee), but would require print-ready elements from the Client such as logos, text, and print-resolution imagery.  If our Client has their own design capabilities, we will provide them with our IntelWrap template to help produce the print-ready file.

What is the production stage like?

The production stage consists of converting our digital file to a vibrant, high resolution, live size print that is used to wrap the drinking fountain. These are printed by accurately transferring the images through our advanced art print server. Then to our state of the art large format printers and inks produce the best color schemes and resolution possible. Next these prints are laminated to add extra Ultraviolet protection and durability.

How long does it take to wrap a fountain?


Anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour, based on the location of the cooler and its accessibility.


The design stage typically takes the longest, so depending on how long that takes for our Client, the production (printing and installation) can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks; it all depends on the fountain model and intricacy of the wrap. Time estimates are given to our customers prior to beginning the installation process.  Other variables include contract signing and negotiations, and for those venues who do not work with existing advertisers, FountAds builds in a period of time to secure relevant vendors who will pay for advertising at our Client’s venue(s).

Where do you wrap the fountain?

Seems like a silly question, but we get it a lot. We wrap the water fountain on site at our Client’s location (venue).

Do you cover the vents?

No.  Our IntelWrap templates (based on fountain models) have CUT OUTS for all vents to allow for proper ventilation. Our Installers are also very familiar with these coolers, and have the tools to adjust the wrap as needed to allow for proper ventilation.

Can the wrap be removed?

Yes. The wrap can be removed as easily as it goes on, and FountAds removes them after each paid rotation at a venue. However, attempting to remove it YOURSELF may cause damage to the unit, so we discourage locations from attempting this.  Our expert installers are skilled in application and removal of all wraps.

Do you guarantee FountAds?

Yes. FountAds has a full one year warranty against, peeling, fading or changing of any color — even outdoor units!  If any one of our FountAds comes off due to poor adhesion process or normal wear-and-tear (not due to vandalism) during any given rotation, FountAds will replace it (at our cost) immediately.

I don't own the location, can I still wrap the fountain?

No. FountAds requires explicit written consent (signed contract) from the property owner and/or corporation allowing advertising on any fountain.

What is a Site Audit?

Site audits or surveys are a very common part of the FountAds’ installation business, and play a significant role in the success of a project. Typical surveys include securing measurements, taking photographs, and assessing the surface and working environment.  FountAds works directly from an IntelWrap template for each fountain, but an early site assessment is important for a seamless installation.

Measurements will include the height and width of the area to be installed, as well as any measurements indicating obstructions on and around the area where the graphics are to be applied.  Assessing the surface depends on what we are surveying, but the goal is to evaluate anything that could negatively impact the success and duration of adhering or mounting our FountAds to the water fountain.

All assessments should include:

  • An indication if any existing graphics must be removed
  • Site conditions
  • Any special tools or equipment required
  • How the graphics/equipment will be brought into the space
  • Where the closest dumpsters for waste are located
How long will the wrap last?

Our wraps can outlast the water fountain.  Our typical ad rotation runs for 3, 6, or 9 months depending on the advertiser’s campaign, but our FountAds are guaranteed††† to last up to 5 years.

How do I care for the wrap?

Our FountAds can be wiped and washed with normal industrial cleaning products, no problem.   DO NOT USE BLEACH.

Do you wrap anything other than fountains?

Not at this time.

If you still have questions or concerns feel free to contact us at info@fountads.com † FountAd template design is offered at additional cost. †† Advertisers often have their own graphics department and we encourage them to design their own ads using our templates, based on fountain models at respective venues.  Contact us for more information. ††† Under normal operational conditions. Our guarantee does NOT cover vandalism.


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