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We hear this term a lot “demographics” — or “target your demographics“, but in reality, there are very few media outlets that accomplish this. The ad agency will generally cast a large net in hopes to reach a percentage of viewers or readers, but with FountAds we, in fact, target these markets and demos based on the venue at which the drinking fountain is located.  For example, a Muscle Milk FountAd might not yield a great ROI at a hospital location, but it absolutely will at a major gym franchise.  What about Cracker Jacks or a Beer brand at a baseball stadium?  Our media wraps knock it out of the park, because we’re the FIRST and BEST in the business.  Contact us to learn more about our print and installation partners.

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* The brands mentioned or otherwise represented on this page are for showcase purposes only. FountAds works with just about anyone, anywhere.