Intelligent Advertising


FountAd Agency, LLC (d.b.a. FountAds) is a division of Veritas Multimedia that operates nationwide, with headquarters in Southern California.

The concept of fountain advertising seemed like a no-brainer to the company’s founder — after all, each user stares down at a water basin, giving his or her undivided attention for up to 5 seconds.  It didn’t make sense why this prime real estate wasn’t being used by advertisers.  So with a combined 20+ years of award-winning marketing, advertising, and creative development experience, FountAds’ copyrighted template technology was launched as a way to target specific demographics through direct market advertising, and in a NEW and CREATIVE way.

FountAds operates as a new media ad agency specializing in drinking fountain advert creative. The cutting-edge media targets precise markets with a copyrighted media template technology.


1.  ZERO COST to our Clients

2.  NEW STREAM OF REVENUE for the venue

3.  A NEW and creative marketing strategy that delivers “eyes-on” for three or more seconds to targeted demos.  Unlike magazine ads, billboards, or other advert real estate, drinking fountains serve as a utility with frequented users.  These people (targeted demographics) will be staring down at YOUR ad with undivided attention.


FountAd Agency is also proud to support CLEAN WATER initiatives worldwide by donating a portion of the company’s contracted proceeds toward this effort through Charity: Water and Fight For Africa non-profit organizations.