FountAds is a NEW ad media TECHNOLOGY
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Target your demographics with FountAds
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A TARGETED approach to MARKETING demographics.

  Clothing, supplements, health-related brands
Sports Centers:  Fast food, beer, insurance, automotive
Universities:  Credit Unions, coffee brands, CO-OPs
Hospitals:  Insurance, pharmaceutical brands
Theaters:  Concessions and upcoming feature films

And many, many more …


FACT:  Over 70% of gym-goers use drinking fountains during their workouts.
FACT:  Each user stares down at a water basin for 3-5 seconds on average.

Get a STRONG ROI on your advertising dollar with FountAds!

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DRIVE CONCESSION SALES with QR code designs, or
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fountads-beforeafterNEW MEDIA AD AGENCY, FOUNTADS™

Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’ –  Jef I. Richards.

Like many modern-day technologies, drinking fountains also have come a long way since their invention by Haws in 1906.  And now, 109 years later, we are still using and producing drinking fountains all over the world.

In the last several years, bottled water production has seen a steady decline due to many consumers revisiting the water fountain — largely at Colleges and Universities where students are engaged in environmental outreach programs, but also trying to save money.  The average cost of a bottle of water is $1.45 today, and the average consumption for a single person is 167 bottles per year — $242 is a lot of money for any college student.  But regardless of their usage, drinking fountains are available at virtually every commercial venue, and they are not going anywhere!

Our job at FountAds is to leverage this prime real estate (fountains) at our venues and deliver our creative media to targeted demographics. It’s that simple.

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